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Grounded Tween With: Mindfulness Coach Kerry Foreman

Kerry has been featured in: TODAY Parents, Finer Minds, Generation Mindful, Hands Free Revolution, Mindvalley and more!


Our tweens are facing greater mental health challenges than ever before. Whether from screen overload, cyberbullying, social pressures or academic stress - teens are in great need of an education in self care. 


This 4 week research based course will allow your teen to develop beginning mindfulness skills and cultivate a mindfulness practice that will reduce stress and improve their mental health. Your teen will become empowered to take control of their well being, become more aware of thoughts and behaviors leading to higher accountability, increase their self esteem, and find an inner happiness not attached to anything external. 


They will learn tools that will last a lifetime and if you're lucky, they just might teach you! 


Once you purchase, an email will be sent to you granting access to the Pre-Recorded Sessions.

*Please note, the price of $225 is the total for all downloaded Journey to Self courses. 


Pre-Recorded | Grounded Tween Ages 9-12

  • After payment, no refunds will be given. 

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