Great news! The Grounded Tween is now available via download! Each week a video recording along with PDF digital download of curriculum materials will be emailed to you. 


Price: $150


Our teens are facing greater mental health challenges than ever before. Whether from screen overload, cyberbullying, social pressures or academic stress - teens are in great need of an education in self care. 


This 4 week research based course will allow your teen to develop beginning mindfulness skills and cultivate a mindfulness practice that will reduce stress and improve their mental health. Your teen will become empowered to take control of their well being, become more aware of thoughts and behaviors leading to higher accountability, increase their self esteem, and find an inner happiness not attached to anything external. 


They will learn tools that will last a lifetime and if you're lucky, they just might teach you! 

Private FB group to ask questions, reflect, and support each other. 


Ages 9-12. 


Weekly Session Content:

• Mindful Check-In (15-20 mins)

• Topics for the Week--Mindful practice and other key skills (45 mins)

• Table-side chat (30 mins)

Each class typically starts with a ‘mindful check-in’ where tweens can share highs and lows for the week, review practices from previous weeks, and ask questions to the instructors. This is followed by a discussion of the topics for the week followed by the assignment of “solo practice” for tweens to work on outside of the group. Topics covered over the duration of the program include:


Class Week 1

Learn about the brain and what is happening when we are stressed. Get to know our own anxieties and create a persona for them (name her/him, talk about her/his strengths and weaknesses) What is Mindfulness? What isn’t Mindfulness? How to Be Mindful: The Five Senses Grounding Anchors: To Turn to When You Are Stressed Riding the Stress Waves and Dropping-In Practice to Reduce Stress

Class Week 2

What Is Self-Care? Why is it important? Designing your own Self Care plan. How to Be with Your Emotions: The Guest House Poem Mindful Walking and Photography Zooming In and Out: Where Do You Put Your Attention? Exploring Ways to Manage and Cope with Pain: Distress Tolerance; R.E.A.L- Reflective, Empathetic, Accepting, Learning.

Class Week 3

Learning to notice your thoughts. Changing Your Relationship with Your Thoughts How to Be with Your Thoughts Body-Scan Mindfulness Practice Take in the Good Activity (what evidence do I have against the bad thought). “Heartfulness" Mindfulness Practice Exploring Ways to Manage and Cope with Pain instead of ignoring it or wishing it away: Distress Tolerance Ways to Improve Self-Awareness to increase accountability and enhance relationships.

Class Week 4

Mindful Messaging and Social Media Healthy Social Networking Usage: Noticing the “Why” BEFORE logging onto social media. Discussing the pros and cons of social media. Learning Ways to Respond Instead of React Gratitude Practice Listening and Reflecting: What Brings You Happiness, Peace, and Joy?

The Grounded Tween | Ages 9-12 | Recording & Digital Download!

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