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"I invite you on this journey with me!"

Meet Kerry


Kerry Foreman is a Registered Psychotherapist, with her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She is passionate about Mindfulness and the ability to change our brain. She has been practicing and teaching for 7 years and is the founder of Get Grounded. 

Kerry is passionate about understanding the patterns we grew up with and creating awareness around current patterns of behavior. Change your thinking and it changes your life. I am on a journey, to live authentically and at my best.


I invite you on this journey with me to watch the pitfalls, learn the lessons, and get right back up along side me. I have created a life I love, and I want you to love your life as well!


Joining the Grounded Parent is the best thing I’ve done for myself in quite awhile! I knew I could do a better job as a parent, and I wanted to model for my family that we should never be afraid to ask for help.  Kerry’s writing has really resonated with me through some of the challenges of raising teenagers, so I knew the opportunity to join a live program would be invaluable. I find myself coming back to things I learned time and time again, and although raising teenagers is no less challenging than before, I understand them better, I’ve adjusted my expectations, and I have so much more self-compassion than before! And the unexpected bonus was connecting with other families and investing in their stories, too!

~Holly V.

The Grounded Parent was an experience well worth the investment because I had an opportunity to learn there is a better way. I learned the science behind automatic reactions and how to counteract patterns I had unconsciously inherited from my own early life experiences. This knowledge helped me to be able to recognize an automatic reaction and how to make a more mindful choice that is more in line with the parent I want to be. Kerry provided a safe place to explore this shift in an approach to parenting and our family has benefitted greatly.

~Taryn S.

My daughter, Stella, just wrapped up The Grounded Teen Series. She was a little unsure at the beginning but by the end...she was sad it was over. Stella enjoyed connecting & learning alonside other teens from around the country. I loved watching her confidence grow & seeing her put the techniques she was learning to PRACTICE. I received texts after school letting me know that she was going for a walk to "clear her mind & unwind from the day" in the dead of winter in Indiana. She would take pictures on her walks to share with me. She sketched to practice mindfulness...and she is asking for more. Thank you, Kerry, for your work and the joy that you brought to my daughter.

~Jill S.

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